Friday, April 7

Houseowners and other sharks

My house has been sold, the new owner wants to move in, so suddenly, out of the blue, i have to find another flat.
I moved in only 10 months ago, painted the whole place, did a lot of work to it, and now...moving time again.
50 boxes of books, too many little schmontzes, hell.

But, i'm not even there yet. First of all i have to find a new flat.
Newspapers have very little to offer, real estate agents are a pest, therefore the logical choice is "homeless", the ultimate house searching site.

"On line" quite a few places look attractive: "5 minutes from the beach" (yeah right, 5 minutes by supersonic jet perhaps) , in a quiet neighborhood (i guess that's after 3 A.M., when the wedding hall downstairs closes down) or the "kitchen in "as new" state" which relates to a dark windowless hole in which a formica table top and tap above a bucket surely were "as new" some 40 years ago.

The most amazing one is the "lovely 2 room garden apartments" located at the bottom floor of a house at the Jerusalem Boulevard/Ehrlich junction:
Some years ago, when i was looking for a flat, i visited that same place as well. At the time there were 2 little flats with a shared courtyard. A bit poverish, but not bad.
These 2 small flats were turned into 4-5 tiny, minuscule cages.
The "garden" is really what is left of the courtyard, a small paved patch smelling of sewer. There is a shortage of small rental flats, but this is taking "small flat" to a new level.
Cage, doghouse would be more fitting names.

tomorrow i have to see two other flats, i'm getting quite desperate.

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gadjo said...

hi! I was tracing the name of "souad massi" amoung the blogs and that's how I dropped here. but it was more than s. massi: being L E F T, lilya 4 ever, down by low, polaris (did you mean solaris?).. and even more: "our house has been sold, and the new owner wants to move in.." that exactly what happened to us, and right now, after writing this entry, we are going out to look desperately for a new flat! what a coincidence and what a small world!
what can I say - good luck to both of us!