Thursday, August 24

Communal Taxis in Jaffa!!! Finally

Wonder of wonders, somebody "up there" read this morning's earler post about the bad service we Al Ajami residents receive from the Dan bus cooperative?
Waiting, yes, once more, for busline 46 to arrive and complaining just like all other people waitng with me, a yellow communal taxi passed by & stoppped.
Since 3 days communal taxi nr. 4A provides services to Jaffa residents! At the price of 5 NIS it is actually cheaper than the bus, which costs 5.10 NIS, moreover they stop on the route, wherever you want them to .
The taxi's leave from Balfour (Bat Yam) through Yefet street, make a turn through the flea market in Yehuda MeRaguza street, then left again at HaEshel (the Flea-market)
street, then the clock tower square, along the beach until Allenby and from Allenby to the Central bus station.

The driver happened to be the one of the big bosses of the communal taxi firm, Johanan Shapira who said that if the request will be big, they can drive every 5 minutes! So far people make little use of the new communal taxi line, as it is new and they are not yet aware of it.
He also told me about a similar experiment in north Tel Aviv that has proven to be very successful, but it depends on us, Jaffa residents, to make use of it the new line and turn it into a success.
In north Tel Aviv the line was successful and then by means of community action by r4esidents andf drivers, expanded to a larger area along the Dan bus routes, who suddenly started to feel the competition and improved their services. Now both the taxis and the Dan buses there compete, and the people living there profit form improved services.
The phonenumber of the communal taxi firm for any complaints or suggestions: 050-8330176 or 050-8330164

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My great-great Zaida/Bobba lived in Newe Shalom - I think in Shas street - in the 1880's and my great Bobba,a born Sabra,moved into one of the first houses when Tel aviv was established