Friday, July 6

Explosion on Yefet Street - Update

One dead, an as yet unidentified man in his forties, and 7 wounded, one of them badly.
The damage is extensive. Huge 1.5 meter pieces of razor-edged metal roofing and isolation material, belonging to the truck that carried the gas containers are laying about on the street, some 30 meters from the place where the explosion took place.
Coming closer, the street is covered with bits and pieces of unrecognisable things.
The truck itself was blown into the small public garden "Gan HaSnaym". Not much is left of it. Some 10 damaged cars crashed one in into the other stand about, in the middle of the rubble. Some are quite badly smashed.
The truck appears to have belonged to a catering company. More gaz cannisters, fridges with their contents spread out over the street, crates of food, huge bags of quickly melting icecubes etc.etc. Someone's party is going to be less fun than expected.

Mrs. Yahne is sitting outside of her small house. she lives on the corner of Yefet and Ehrlich streets, where the explosion took place. When it happened, she was sitting in her living room. All windows have been destroyed, the light fixtures came down, as did the mirrors. She's still in shock. Unable to say much more than "i thought a bomb had fallen on my house."
Her next door neighbours, the Ohnisian family, have similar problems, although the damage done to their house seems to be a little less extensive. They're in shock as well.
The windows of the nearby "Alrabita" (The Association of the Arabs of Jaffa, a Jaffa based NGO) have been blown out as well.

Yefet Street is still closed off. the electricity company are working ro reconnect cables that were cut off due to the explosion. No traces of explosives have been found. It appears one of the gaz cannisters tranported by the truck may have leaked. A spark did the rest


Anonymous said...

You live there so you would perhaps have a better inclination, but do you think this wasn't just a leaky gas can? Cause that seems unlikely to cause such damage.

Ayman al-Zawahiri, recently called for overthrow of "corrupt" muslim regimes in the Middle East. Is is possible this is part of that? That this community of muslims are considered "corrupt and westernized" by Al Qaeda and are now being targeted.

I am just trying to understand what is going on there and I don't think what is reported in the news is always entirely accurate and is usually biased.

Since you live there I am wondering what is your opinion of this.

yudit said...

Just gaz, in a closed environment, nothing else.
First of all, no traces of explosives were found. Secondly, a gaz cannister in a closed environment does a hell of a lot of damage.
The truck, belonging to a catering company, was full of beer.
Besides Israel a corrupt regime, or so it appears, but not Muslim corrupt :)

Lirun said...

can some please enlighten me and tell me which regime is not corrupt..

yudit said...

Lirun, i think there is a difference between a regime , where occasionally one of the politicians commits a crime of corruption and a regime that is corrupt as such.
In a place where so many ministers, Knesset members, mayors and prime ministers as well as the president have been, over time, suspected of and / or found guilty of various crimes, the problem appears to be more serious.

Luke said...

New zealand
and, and ...............

Lirun said...

luke.. betty ford mean anything to you?

Lirun said...

yudit i need to add..

is a corrupt regime one that exposes its wrong doers and impeaches them? or is a corrupt regime one that pretends that no one ever does anything wrong and leaves them hanging around..

a few decades ago the UK conducted nuclear experiments off the coast of western australia.. a town of 16,000 was wiped off the face of the earth..

most died soon after the explosion and many others died over the course of the following years from illness..

the exposure of this was minimal.. the populations of both countries were never consulted..

who knows what this served or what it achieved but it came at a huge personal expense of an enormous number of people..

no one has even been indicted.. stuff indicted.. what about publicly held acocuntable.. stuff that.. what about having a single finger pointed at them..

and that's just a taste.. little nibble of the spoon..

so bored and desensitized by the regime bashing.. or by the loony foreigners who act as blogosphere cheerleaders without knowing the first thing about anything they reference..

Luke said...

Sorry Leroy, have to disappoint you, the only Betty I know is Betty Boop.
You are in a way related to this person, have met her somewhere?

Lirun said...

nothing like name contortion to match substance abuse.. i certainly hope both are on your resume.. i of course cant verify this given that for all intents and purposes your are anonymous..

if there was any substance to your online presence id consider outlining o you why your list - while stereotypically convenient - is entirely invalid..

but you're virtual dust - so i wont go to the effort..

yudit said...

Lirun/Luke, i'm getting a little lost here