Tuesday, August 21

Demonstration in Solidarity with the Abu Saif Family

The Abu Saif family owns an orange grove in Jaffa. It's where they live, in small shacks among what's left of the trees.
It's where many of the sons and daughters of the extended family work, in car workshops, carpentries etc.
They have lived there since way before the naqbe, before 1948. Grand father Abu Sayf stayed behind when many of the family fled to the Gaza strip.and defended his grove. After a short while some of the family managed to come back and life seemed to be going on, more or less, like before.
Over time the state and the municipality have tried to take away parts of the orchard. Sometimes they succeeded, and, in spite of the promises, the family was not paid for the lost land. Now they try to take away even more land.

The popular committee against the home demolitions and evictions has decided to join the Abu Sayfs tomorrow at 17.00 in a demonstration taking place at the corner of "HaMahrozet" and Rubinstein Street.

Be there, if you care about justice and housing in Jaffa. If you wish al of Jaffa's sons and daughters to be able to live in Jafa. If you do not want Jaffa to turn into a paradise for the wealthy only.

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