Saturday, November 24

Mother earth took me for a ride.

The truth? I didn't feel this one. That is, not when it happened, which was apparently sometime very early this morning, just after midnight, when yours truly was asleep.
However when i woke up there was something faintly disturbing: my bed, which was located, when i went to sleep last night, next to the southern wall of my bedroom, was right in the middle of my room when i woke up....
My bed consists out of a big, fairly heavy, wooden platform, placed on large industrial type wheels instead of legs (my design). When not on its breaks, it rides very smoothly, e.g. to the balcony when it's too hot to sleep inside.
But still, the earthquake did its thing and there i was, waking up in the centre of my bedroom, having been taken for a ride by mother earth, in my sleep.


Anonymous said...

Your Land Quakes at the prospect that Israel might give up territory at the upcoming negotiations.

Can G-d be any clearer on this matter?

yudit said...

Well interpreting G-d seems somewhat audacious. And one COULD ofcourse interpret it just as well the other way around "maybe you should get out of there"

Unless you have a direct line to G-d, perhaps it is wiser to refrain from speaking in his (or her or its?) name

Anonymous said...

G-d can't be any clearer than this. G-d gave this land to the Jews. G-d doesn't want them to negotiate it away.

How could G-d be any clearer?

What do you want? For G-d to hold a Press Conference?

The land literally trembles at the prospect of Israel yielding territory. Surely you can take the hint.

yudit said...

Surely i can take the hint?
Actually no, not at all.
It is simply YOUR interpretation of a seismic event.
"Holy" wars start because people believe they know "what G-d wants". But do they?
Is their interpretation right?
How do you know your interpretation is more correct than that of,... let's say Nasrallah. He uses exactly the same argument "it's what G-d wants".
Did G-d indeed "give this land" and what does that mean?
I'm scared stiff by people like you who claim to know what G-d wants or does not want. I do not know who you are, as you remain anonymous, and perhaps you are a well-meaning person, who use natural events to claim or disclaim justification for this or that political act.

Perdix said...

You should realise by now you are not the only inhabitant of this place you call home, in my opinion there must be a Poltergeist.

yudit said...

I agree, perhaps i should ask it for its name

ee said...

Actually, the earthquake might just work in reverse. I know someone who was thinking of buying a home (although the prices now are unbelievable).
An immigrant feeling not-here-and-not-there, she was figuring that even if she doesn't stay in Israel, bricks and mortar are an investment.
She is now reconsidering.
But I don't think she'll blame G-d for her final decision...

Tsedek said...

You know when that earthquake was? I had just started to read your posting about the earthquake and then my body started trembling, but I had no idea what it was - until my ventilator started banging against the door it stands near.
Ain't that weird? Reading about the earthquak here and experiencing one at the same time?

Perdix said...

Being a true atheist I would like to know something, you people do write G-d where we do not break any rule by writing God.
When writing about the man in red with the pitchfork do you people too write something like D-vil?

yudit said...

Perdix, basically out of respect of anon's way of spelling it.
For many religious Jews it's important not the say the name of god - G-d in Hebrew out loud.
This habit has been carried over into English spelling as well and i respect it.