Thursday, December 27

The "Jaffa Conference"

Today the "Jaffa Conference" will open at Jaffa's Arab Jewish Community Center, aka our local matnas.
There isn't a real connection between Jaffa and the conference's name, apart from the fact that it takes place in Jaffa. there is almost nothing on the program that has to do anything with Jaffa.
This year's topic is "mixed cities". Right, mixed cities. So how come there was nothing in the original program about what is happening in Jaffa? In the end, under pressure, the organizers agreed to have Sami Bukhari from the popular committee against home demolitions participate in one of the panels. In the light of what happened this week in Kfar shalem, our future looks bleak and scary.
What do they mean when they say "mixed city"? Is that a phase from pre 1948, pre Naqbe Palestinian Jaffa to an all Jewish Jaffa, the future "dream" of the developers and real estate creeps?

Or is it something else?


Akiva said...

Interesting...I've been reading about Fawzi al-Qawuqji whose Arab Liberation Army which was active in Jafo in 1948,causing havoc in jafo and firing on Tel Aviv .(Fawzi al-Qawuqji was a nazi btw,supported Hitler as many Arabs did)

yudit said...

Akiva, you have that incredible need to show off your nationalism.
Kaoukji was NEVEr in Jaffa.....

And what does your remark have to do with the Jaffa conference?
Why don't you make yourself a nice blog where you can utter all your comments? They will always be relevant!

hardly ever