Wednesday, July 30

Shooting at Jaffa's "Shem HaGdolim" Housing Estate, No One Physically Hurt

Twelve year old M is very scared. His slightly older brother plays it cool, but i notice he is not comfortable. Looking around, watching his back. Their mother screams from the window, she wants them to come home, upstairs, now, right now. She asks me to come up as well, a coffee, a drink whatever. Just have the kids come upstairs, where it is safe. And for once they listen to her, and run up to the second floor flat they share with their mum and their many bothers and sisters.
The police are all around. Looking for evidence and signs, spent cartridges, whatever.
Some two hours ago in bright daylight, 2 hooded men shot at someone in the Shem HaGdolim housing estate.
Several young children were playing outside when the two arrived, shot at someone or in the direction of someone and escaped.
From what i heard no one was hurt, but everyone is scared. The police arrived but by then the attackers had escaped and in any case they could not be recognised. Besides, as still shaking , 12 year old, M told me, "even if i knew who they were, i would be too scared to say anything".
Two weeks ago they tried to kidnap someone from the neighborhood. Somehow it was prevented. Says M.; "They would have found his body floating in the sea after a few weeks, that's how they do it. Or perhaps never. That's how people disappear". M is only 12 years old, but wise for his age.

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