Tuesday, September 30

Id El Fitr Parade

In a few minutes the Jaffa Idl ElFitr parade is about to start.
The streets are emptying of cars, to be replaced by children (and parents) in their new festival clothes. 
It's a bit cloudy and not too hot.
Muslim charities handed out food parcels and coupons for buying new clothes fro Jaffa's poor. Faces are happy and excited.
Already last night when the festival was announced from cars driving around with loudspeakers and followed by kids running around (and more than a few adults) the atmosphere started to change.

A very happy Jaffa sharing the Id and the Jewish New Year.

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Lirun said...

its a shame it wasnt better publicised.. i would have glaldy donated a stack of old clothes in great condition.. a lot of untouched excess food from my rosh hashana and/or money.. it has all gone outside of yaffo instead..

i only found out about this when yefet was closed for passage..