Saturday, January 3

Over 50 thousand Palestinians and Jews marched together in Tel Aviv against the war in Gaza

While the IDF land forces entered into the Gaza strip and murdered at least 30 people, in Tel Aviv over 50 thousand Israeli Jews and Palestinians marched to protest against the war from Rabin Square to the cinemateque.

From Jaffa we left in 2 fully packed buses and many cars, carrying placards, flags and banners. Others from Jaffa came directly from the big demo which had been held earlier that day in Sakhnin.
The atmosphere in the bus was quite tense and sad.
In the bus information was provided what to do if you get arrested. Names and phone numbers of whom to contact in case you are arrested or someone you know has been arrested' so lawyers can be contacted immediately.
We knew the police had allowed the ultra-right wing lunatics to hold a demo as well, in the very same area, so there was potential for problems and violence. MK's Jamal Zakhalka and Dov Khenin were present.
Most of the demo went peacefully along Ibn Gvirol Boulevard. People shouted slogans against the war and placed the responsibility where it lays: the Israeli government of war criminals.
Yet at some point Gerardo Leibner, one of the protesters, was hit in the face by one of the lunatics protesting on the side. And when we were walking back another one threw eggs at us. Well fresh eggs are said to make a good hairconditioner, so perhaps one should say "thanks"?
When marching with so many good people, one feels some optimism, but the news coming in from the Gaza strip continues to be awful, the killing and the war crimes go on. There is no sign of a truce.
I'm starting to feel frustrated, not knowing well what else to do, except for demonstrating and shouting out loud. Except for making the voice of those who feel this war is completely wrong, heard and heard again.


Anonymous said...

שמח לראות שיש עוד אנשים שפויים במדינה הזאת שלא הולכים כעיוורים אחרי ההנהגה

למרות שאני לא חולק איתך את אותן דעות אחת לאחת

yudit said...


Anonymous said...

There were never 50,000 there. 2000-3000 tops

yudit said...

You anonymous, were never there. Nor even close.
Had you been there, you would have known. So please stop lying.

Tali said...

From what I read at the Hadash website, it was 15,000. Please let me know your sources.

yudit said...

Israeli police on the spot.
Simply asked one of the high officers overseeing the operations. As they had a helicopter in the air, they had a pretty good overview.
Another indication is the fact that the demo densely filled the street (2 lanes of Iben Gvirol, which if you know the street , a very wide 4 lanes street)while marching from Kikar Rabin to the cinemateque almost from beginning to end.