Monday, March 16

The municipal budget for 2009, a Jaffa perspective

Today the Tel Aviv municipality will vote on its budget proposal for 2009. The municipality is making serious cuts in its educational budget, especially in the centre of Jaffa, where they will stop funding informal educational activities all together. Although the municipality is spending huge amounts (2 million!) on the Gordon pool in north Tel Aviv, the Jaffa "Neve Golan pool (our only one) get only 150.000 NIS. (Last year they got liottle less than one million) The Cherner center faces a huge cut, so they will not be able to take in the Jaffa kids, youth and adults who will no longer have a place in Neve Goland and the Lev Yafo center (which gets exactly 0 - zero- budget).
Some of this money is transferred to predominantly Jewish neighborhoods. I have no problem with these neighborhoods getting more money. I do have a problem when it happens at our expense.
The Mishlama submitted a holistic intervention program, aimed at dealing with many of the educational problems in Jaffa. the municipality refused the program, a first of its kind. Although i do have criticism on the programs approach and concept, at least they put the problem clearly up front and tried to get funding and do something.
Gilad Peled, the manager of the Mishlama, is quitting his job, in answer to the municipality's refusal to fund the program.

I'm sure the mayor's coalition will vote in favor of the budget, that bunch of sold out yes-men and yes women...

Just back from the meeting, it's most embarrassing to see the coalition members of the green party and of Meretz vote against their respective parties' ideologies the green vote for widening roads, adding cars and less use of public transport as well as in favor of adding parking lots and against using cleaner fuel.
Meretz vote against education, social aid, adding more social wrkers 9ni weakened neighborhoods against social housing etc. So much for ideology

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