Monday, November 16

Asbestos is good for children's health

My friend E. lives in a small shack located next to several large houses and newly constructed villas in Ajami.

She has three young children.
Her much richer neighbors decided to do some home improvement and replace the asbestos roof of their home with a pretty tiled one.
Usually you rent a container and the demolition crew immediately remove the rubble. Especially when there is asbestos involved, the work is carried out by a specialist company and under stringent conditions.
E.'s neighbors are too stingy to do so and they simply dump their filth next to E's home, including a large amount of broken asbestos roof elements.
Whenever there is a southern wind, the asbestos dust is blown straight into the window of the children's' bedroom. The municipality refuses to act and the neighbors don't care, although they themselves have young children as well.
E. herself doesn't have the money to employ a company to remove the ever growing mountain next to her home. Her children love to play outside in the yard, but that has become dangerous. But then,. inside the house it is dangerous as well.
It appears no one really wants to take responsibility. If it was their kids living next door, would they be as careless?
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Update: After an article in Yediot Tel Aviv the municipality arrived and took away the asbestos and other garbage. The municipal spokesman claimed E. had never informed the municipality it was asbestos, otherwise they would have come immediately, or so they claimed. Right. Daily phones and faxes by E. representative in the municipal council, Omar Siksik, were apparently not heard. In any case, the main thing, the asbestos was removed.


Lirun said...

thats strange

normally for unauthorised works - the council fines offenders..

i called the council after the last storm to clean up the beach in ajami and this morning saw that they have worked very hard to do so.. removing boulders and literally tons of rubbish..

yudit said...

true, as the beach no doubt is public property and under the public responsibility.
Here they contact the offender, give him time to get his act together and clean. He claims "someone else threw the rubbish there" (and in the mean time he adds to the mess every day) and the municipality will sue him. E has to wait until they decide. Her kids breath asbestos

Lirun said...

i have to admit from your pic that the debris doesnt look like roof.. it looks like other stuff too.. but nonetheless they should be forced to cover the removal costs at the very least fo tehir own rubbish..

J.P. said...

Did have a closer look, that is a lot of asbestos, as long as one does not break or cuts the slabs there will be no problem as the regulation says.

These people do live on a vulcano.

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