Saturday, March 6

Demonstration against police violence in Jaffa today

Yes, there is violent crime in Jaffa. Last evening a man in his thirties was shot and badly wounded in Yefet Street.   The night before there was another shooting incident in Maor Enayim Street. 
And IF the police were doing their job, perhaps these incidents would not be happening, or would be rare. 
But these crimes do happen and the police is doing something else. Perhaps that "something else" is what they think is their job: being part of a repressive machine. Serving not the public at large and the public interest, but rather the interest of a limited by powerful force in this country.
Police violence in Jaffa has become so common we hear new stories every day. Often involving people who have no criminal record and are law abiding citizens (but quite obviously the human rights of criminals should be respected as well.). Enough has been written on this blog about various events in which innocent bystanders found themselves handcuffed, arrested and beaten up by the police.
Complaints at "Mahash" are rarely taken to court and it appears the system investigating itself is not doing an outstanding job.

Enough, we truly have had enough of it.

Today at 13.00 we will march from Clocktower square in Jaffa to the Salame police station to have our voice heard.

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