Saturday, August 27

Just a "Lau" missile, who cares?

Friday morning about 2.00 o'clock.
Hot, humid, impossible to sleep.
Reading a book about the middle ages & pondering Desiderius Erasmus.
Three loud bangs and a forth, slightly less loud one, break the silence. The windows rattle.
The building actually shakes.
Sure, during the wedding parties they fire fireworks, and we do hear shots in the neighborhood, now and then. And i do know how to differentiate between those sounds.
A terrorist attack? At this hour? In a mostly Palestinian neighborhood? A clock challenged terrorist exploding him/her self a little too early and in the wrong spot? Cooking gaz bottle explosion? A car? Grenades?

The radio & news sites say nothing at this time, so it's not a bomb. That much is clear. News is fast here, even at these hours.

Sirens start, they must be police cars, ambulances. Not a lot, given the loudness of the bangs.

Only next morning things become clear. In the ever-increasing violent war between criminals, "Lau" missiles were fired at some peoples homes. Two wounded, an elderly couple.
In fact the wrong home, a case of mistaken identity, the police think.
Weird, i would think anyone's house to be the wrong one. But then, that's the police "thinking".

And something else:
Lau missiles are manufactured by a company called "Raytheon" meaning "Light from the Gods".
Said company also produces bunker blasting bombs and other likewise goodies.
Ask the victims what they think of that little lamp burning bright, light from the gods alright.

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