Sunday, August 28

The quiet before AND after the storm (the next one)

Four dead in two weeks time

While writing last night's post, i didn't know that the next murders had already taken place. Two men, Mustafa Abu Huti aged 42 and Yaser Abu Shahab, 26 years old, reported to be close to the Hamed family (one of the families involved in the feud), were murdered in the "Etrog" market, not far from my home.
I write "the next" because everyone knows it's just a matter of time.
Just a sunny saturday afternoon, time for the beach, a rest, reading a good book, sweet ice-cold watermelon or "Andre's" icecream.
Two people killed in broad daylight, in the Etrog market's parking lot. They were sitting in their car. A logical thing to do, when you have an airconditioned car. What were they talking about? Were they laughing? Were they talking about their families, children, brothers, sisters, parents? A quiet saturday afternoon. Were they planning to go the the wedding party later that evening? No one will know. I ddin't know them personally.
I'm sure i've seen them on the street, or on the market, perhaps the beach or in the line next to Andre's icecream parlor. Adjami is not a large neighborhood and you know most people at least by face. There are few services in Adjami, so we all meet, at the grocery, the health clinic, Paul's cafe, the watermelon vendors in Yefet Street or Fakhri Geday's pharmacy. Perhaps I know the women of the family (wives, daughters, mothers, sisters) from the "Women's Court" or one of the 3 fashion stores on Yefet or, that one is almost certain, "Video Alpha". I right now cannot fit the names to the faces.

But i know another family is hurting.

I also know this will not be the last family to be hurt.

In fact, shots were fired at the house of 3 young girls i know well. No one was hurt. They were probably intended for their brother. No one was hurt. It happened at 5 o'clock in the morning, friday. As i wrote, no one was hurt (physically that is), the windows were broken. Life goes on.

I feel very helpless in face of all this violence.

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