Sunday, April 22

Demonstration against the transfer from Jaffa


Akiva said...

What's happening in Jafo?

Ten Arab youths with sticks attacked four Israeli Jewish women and one man who had stopped for ice cream after a day at the beach on saturday evening in Jafo.The Arabs began hitting the front windshield of their car and attempted to forcibly drag one person from the car. The Jewish victims managed to drive away, but not before their vehicle sustained damage from the attack.

Btw yudit - it would be great if you could post some pics of people celebrating Indepedennce Day tomorrow!!

yudit said...

The funny thing about that story is that it is.... not exactly true.
At 19.00 o'clock at Andre's Ice-cream parlour in Yefet it is full, long qeues of people buying ice-cream and no one saw it this event. Many families, both Jews and Arabs stop there for an ice-cream. At cafe "Paul, next door, also no one saw this event.
Of-course it might have happened elsewhere, and it could have been a discussion on a parking spot or something like that, but from what we know, this is a non event, blown into a nationalist direction by those who like that kind of stories for their political purposes.
Perhaps if they had told it about another spot, we from Jaffa might believe it, but by selecting THAT spot, which is simply packed with people, and NO ONE saw it...
sorry i don't buy it.

As to independence day, a lot of people have pick-nicks, you could go yourself and take a camera. also tonight there is a party in Davidov park and ofcourse there is a meeting about the house demolitions, which i will be attending. I don't fnid there are many reasons - for myself- to go to parties in Jaffa.