Sunday, April 1

Icecream Muggers

Jaffa counts 4 major ice cream parlours: Andre's (142 Yefet Street), Dr. Lek (Goldman street), the original "Glida Mastik" on Jerusalem Boulevard (Nouzha, for old-timers) and "Victory" (at the corner of Yefet and Yehuda Merguza street), presented here in strictly alphabetical order.
Each ice cream parlour has its aficionados convinced of the absolute superiority of "their" parlour above all the others and i will not risk loosing my already doubtful reputation by professing to prefer one over the other. Let it be said that i occasionally consume ice cream from all 4.
All four are known to to great business with rows of people waiting on the side walk to have their orders filled, especially during the weekend and the evening hours.

Last night late however, robbers threatened the Dr. Lek counter guys with a knife and got away with the lot of money, profit of Saturday's business.


J.P. said...

Which of the four do you visit most

yudit said...

Andre's, as it is closest to my home.... and ice cream melts quickly

Perdix said...

A very smart answer, but no support to restore this doubtful reputation of yours.
If you go on like this your fame never ever will cross the Jaffa border.

ee said...

I've never met an ice cream I didn't like...
Shame on the muggers of Dr. Lek!
Happy Passover to all celebrating the chag.

J.P. said... it is closest to my home ....
and ice cream melts quickly

This answer might give some of us the idea of you being a rather hoggish icecream eater.

Lirun said...

disgusting.. i hate muggers

J.P. said...

There is another side, if you risk to rob Dr. Lek of his day's profit there must be a feeling to be desperate.
We all were born and raised under different circumstances, imagine the poor in India or the Chinese from the countryside.
If you grow up in a society where the gap between rich and poor is widening, people do not want to engage you because of your name or where you live.
Who am I to judge someone to be bad because there was, nor will be a future to live a decent responsible life like everybody looks forward to.

I would not be surprised to in the near future to read a scientific investigation about ice cream softening the bone structure.

Lirun said...

sympathy for the robbers? what the?

J.P. said...

You write sentences in half out of environmental awareness I suppose, would you please be kind enough to fininsh the line " what the .......

Lirun said...

"what the?" is in fact a complete colloquial sentence.. it is a modern phrase that implies a profanity commencing with the letter "F" for the purposes of its conclusion.. fyi

anway - english language school aside.. i bought my birthday cake from that store the other day..

the girls that work there are sweet little teenagers - busting gut until the wee hours of the night - to make some pocket money.. i have found them to be polite friendly and well mannered little hard working souls..

the thought of someone terrorising these girls is revolting..

i cannot find sympathy for the attackers or in any way shape or form romanticise their actions..

poverty and desparation are one thing.. cowardess and thuggery are another.. providing them with the benefit of a prejudicial stigma is but an insult to all other financially challenged individuals who have no connection whatsoever to such behaviours.. i dont like it..

no offence meant at all.. this is merely my view.. obviously i have no idea who you are..