Thursday, January 3

Another home about to be lost in Jaffa

Ajami, 4 HaEtrog Street, Oreib's home, for more than 20 years.
She moved into the home after she married her husband. He died some years ago, and as a widow, she stayed on in her home of over 20 years.
They didn't have children, but her husband had kids from his first marriage.

One of the sons, his wife and young kids moved in with Oreib, altogether 5 people lived in the 5 room apartment, which is in a bad condition, due to a lack of maintenance work by Halamish, the public housing company who officially manage the property.

Originally the family owned another home in Ajami, which they were forced to leave after that home had been declared "dangerous". Halamish, the public housing company, decided the 5 room apartment, in which Oreib resides legally, is too large for a widow, and want her to move into a tiny 1 room apartment on Jerusalem Boulevard.

But Oreib isn't alone, besides, the house is her hme, in ajami, where all other children live as well. Her flat isa family home.

But Halamish don't care about all that. They can make a lot of money on Oreib's flat. After all, ajami is turning into a fancy neighborhood.

Who cares if 5 souls loose their home?

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