Wednesday, January 9

Etrog Home Eviction Update

Oreib was forcefully evicted from her home on HaEtrog Street last Thursday. Her husband's son, his wife and their two children were able, so far, to stay in the home as the eviction order didn't mention them.

Oreib moved into a tiny flat lacking hot water, with broken windows. The flat is opposite a methadone hand-out centre for drug-addicts, who hang around in entrance and the staircase leading to her flat. As a result, Oreib is scared going out. She's a widow. living alone. When she needs to leave the house or return to it, she calls one of her late husband's children (she was his second wife, they didn't have any children) to come and be with her as she's scared being by herself in the staircase .

However, her stepson Nabil, his wife Haya and their 2 children are still living in the house, as their names didn't appear on the eviction order. The legal fight for them continues.