Sunday, February 10

The Hamad Family Home in Ajami was Destroyed Today.

They lived in 4 Sarid Street, a "stonethrow" from my home; a family with children. A simple structure with an asbestos roof, the Hamad family home.

That was until tonight, as the Hamads are out on the street. And it isn't too cold right now, but winter wil be returning tomorrow, so the forecast says.

It doesn't really matter, they are homeless now, the Hamad family.

The police arrived around ten this morning. The family had not been given a demolition order (as they should have, by law). A family member who dared to protest was wounded by the police. who cordoned off the area, stating it is closed, due to the presence "dangerous materials" (that's the asbestos, i suppose).
The bulldozers came and the work was carried out quickly. No more home.
Apparently the family had a lawyer, who tried to put up a fight. As the family had not contacted the popular committee against home demolitions, no one knew about it and only few demonstrators managed to come to prevent the demolition.

The police serving big money as usual. Who cares about the people?


ee said...

Winter is certainly back, it was raining hard and even hailing this morning. Where are the family staying at present?

J.P. said...

You people ever have fog?
Today I was allmost kissed by a train, while shlepping equipment over the crossing, I thought it not to be neccesary to first have a look if the blinking light had not switched from white into red.

While on port controll it, specially in summer, used to be big fun to push the fog horn's button if locating tourists near the thing.