Saturday, April 19

Another armed icecream robbery in Jaffa and an arrest update

Jaffa has three legendary ice-cream parlours, each with their specific public, who would never buy ice cream at "the other places"; "Andre", "Victory" and "Dr. Leck".

Last night, when they closed and one of the employees took the day's income with her, she was threatened by a gun holding robber, who grabbed the money and escaped. The employee got away with a scare and a shock.
The police are investigating.

To days ago, 2 arrests were made in the murder case of Muhamad Marshrawi, last Saturday.


Lirun said...

i must admit i am an ice cream floozie.. i like the ice cream cakes at dr leck.. i like the hot sahlab at victory and for a straight up cone i go to andres..

yudit said...

lirun, u should go into diplomacy

Lirun said...

i'll try to take that as a compliment

Perdix said...

Do the local policemen, because of the weather around, too tell the criminals to "freeze"??

roche said...

I think the "Babaria" in Victory is greate, I had the pleasure to visit there.

btw Sad chronic, civil insecure