Saturday, April 5

Stabbing at Jabaliya Beach

A seriously wounded young man was admitted, during the very early morning hours, to Wolfson Hospital. The young man, from East Jerusalem, had been stabbed at Jaffa's Jabaliya ("Givat Aliyah" as it is called in Hebrew) beach.
Especially during the late night hours, the beach is a popular hang out for Jaffa's young men. They like to smoke a water-pipe, have a drink and talk the night away. And sometimes discussions erupt, occasionally leading to fights.
At times, the location is selected to fight out discussions started elsewhere. The police are investigating.


ee said...

Ima'le! I hang out there sometimes. Not at the wee hours of the morning, but still...

yudit said...

I'm at the beach almost every day for my walk, sea staring, thinking... listening to the waves, searching special shells etc.
And i feel safe there. Is the best place in the world for me.

Yet there are moments, like the one described, but they are rare.

Lirun said...

pleae dont remove shells

btw what ever happened to the green forum - i thought i was on their list - maybe ive been removed :)

J.P. said...

In a few days I will send you a picture of what you for example could do with the collected shells.
Got it as a present from friends, you'll see.

yudit said...

JAlready curious, JP

Lirun, when i get an invitation to the next forum meeting i'll ff it 2 u