Saturday, May 24

The only democ.... oops

Israel likes to call itself "the only true democracy in the Middle East" and in comparison to some of our neighbours Israeli media indeed are relatively free and elections relatively democratic. But everything is relative.
Today Norman Finkelstein was refused entry to Israel (in order to travel onwards to the occupied territories) and deported.
So much for our democracy. I don't necessarily agree with everything Norman Finkelstein has to say. And perhaps i would use different wordings.
But a true democracy should not be scared of criticism. A true democracy should welcome political discourse.

But then i guess Israel isn't really a true democracy.


Anonymous said...

Haaretz reports:The Shin Bet said Finkelstein "is not permitted to enter Israel because of suspicions involving hostile elements in Lebanon," and because he "did not give a full accounting to interrogators with regard to these suspicions."

Now why did former Balad chairman and former Knesset Member Azmi Bishara resign his seat and run away from Israel? Because of his involvement with Hezbollah,just like Finkelstein.

And democracy does not mean that Jafo resident Tali Fahima can coddle up to Al Aqsa Brigades in Jenin either.Al AQsa Brigades were the Arab criminals who murdered those Israeli kids and their mother at Meretz supporting Kibbutz Metzer.

Btw... every day lots of visitors are denied entry to Britain at Heathrow Airport,for security or other reasons.

Israel can pride itself for being free and a democracy amongst a mostly undemocratic Arab surroundings.-------- Akiva

yudit said...

Why don't you quote ALL of the article, as usual, taking thinggs out of their context creates a new and faulty one.

I have no idea what the connections is between Finkelstein and Bashara. I doubt if there is one. Why don't you come with some hard proof instead of trying to implicate people by merely mentioning them?
In short, what IS your point? What is the connection?

Tali Fahima hasn't been living in Jaffa for many years now so once more, what is the point? The connection? Implicationing by mentioing? Most democratic i must say.

I have no idea what happens in the UK, except for a short holiday many years ago i'hve never been there.

Free speach is about TRUE discourse, not about prevtioning it, imprisononing your critics

Israel is NO democracy by truly democratic standards.

ee said...

On the other hand, they don't let Tali Fahima OUT of the country. Hmmm...
Where does she live now?

ee said...

I get it - it's confidential info...

yudit said...

the last i heard in kafr qasem, no one in Tel Aviv agrees to rent her a flat

LeaNder said...

Somehow I doubt, you come back here. But would you or other Israelis tell me were they disagree with Norman Finkelstein and why?

I just watched his Amsterdam lecture (pretty much on top of your link) and found it--compared to his extremist status--quite reasonable.

I know I am a bit late.

yudit said...

i said i do not agree with EVERYTHING he says, do you?

LeaNder said...

First, maybe I should tell you, that I know about you via Richard Silverstein's blog.

Then, I watched his lecture plus especially the question and answer session in Amsterdam and admittedly was a bit surprised.

He's often propagated as a Holocaust denier and extremist, but his positions do not feel that extreme to me.

Of course I can't expect everybody to watch the whole 2 hours and make notes were they disgree. Hmmm?

OK, forget it. Maybe it was really stupid to ask. Basically, if people would tell me about their objections, I might learn about new aspects, I am not aware of.

But don't worry.

yudit said...

An anonymous commenter made some rude comments making use of abusive language.
As a policy i no longer allow anonymous comments if and when they are rude and / or make use of abusive language.

Views opposing mine are more thean welcome, i very much believe in a discourse.
I do not, however, accept abusive language toward anyone. The comment has been deleted for that specific reason.
The anonymous poster is welcome if he or she identifies can is able to make use of generally courteous language.