Friday, May 2

Women's Bazaar in Jaffa this saturday

"Arus El Bahar", Bride of the Sea in Arabic, is a local women's organization started by Safa Younes about one year ago.
Honesty demands that i divulge doing some voluntary work at Arus El Bahar.

Arus ElBahar's women are organizing a bazaar this Saturday (May 3rd) between 11.00 - 17.00 in "Gan HaShanyaim", the little park on Yefet Street.
Jewellery, bags, crafts products, clothes, food, "shmontzes" (is there a word in English for this?) made by the women will be for sale .
Many of Arus ElBahar's women come from traditional Palestinian families and it will be a first time event for many of them, selling their own products.

Everyone is welcome.

1 comment:

Lirun said...

how disappointing..

first of all the products for sale - except some palestinian fashion and a birthday sign stall (in hebrew) seemed to be mass produced - either israeli snack food - like bamba or plastic toys and tidbits..

second of all the people attending trashed the park totally - looked like an upside down rubbish dump..

i hope people at least enjoyed..

i didnt..