Thursday, August 7

Municipal Generosity

Yediot Ahronot carries an interesting article today about affordable housing in Tel Aviv.
The Tel Aviv Jaffa municipality will subsidize 2000 appartments for young couples in Tel Aviv, or so the title says.
However, when you read the article, one starts to wonder. The suggested solutions relate to young families with a monthly income of 9000 NIS. Now what?
The average income in Israel is about 7.300 NIS.
The minimum income stands at about 4.000 NIS.
Families on welfare need to survive on as little as 2.000 NIS a month (and sometimes receive rent subsidy for another 500 NIS).
To my understanding it is the poorest who need housing subsidy the most.
Yet this "revolutionary" project doesn't take them into account at all. Supposedly the housing ministry assists the very poor, therefore the municipality wnats to assist those who need it but do not receive aid. But in reality that assumption is a farce, the poor are becoming homeless quickly as they cannot afford the rent and the queue for public housing takes years and years. The tiny rent subsidy they receive -if they're lucky enough to navigate the burocracy involved- covers the rent of a doghouse at most, not a 1 room flat in Tel Aviv, for a family with 3 children...
The municipal (remember it's municipal election year?) "generosity" relates to wealthier groups of of young professionals perhaps.

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