Sunday, August 24

It could have turned into a disaster

Some time ago i wrote about a disaster waiting to happen. Today it almost did.

Right in the middle of the "Shem HaGdolim" housing estate there is a huge central gas tank, the opening of which was turned into the neighbourhood's children's monkey bars.

Pipes run from the tank all over the estate. Bad maintenance leaves them exposed and kids are kids, they love to climb and investigate. If they did so today, no one knows, but Samira of the recently formed neighbourhood committee, was among the first to notice, then her friend Zeinab, living on the bottom floor. A terrible gas smell had by then enveloped the neighbourhood. The ever changing wind made it difficult to locate its source. They called the gas company SuperGaz, then the fire department. The police soon arrived as well. After some two hours a gas technician arrived. It took a long time to locate the source of the leak. The gas in that area was closed off, until someone can come to repair, tomorrow morning some time.

It could have been worse. Samira and Zeinab noticed and called for help. But repair work and placing the big gas tank somewhere safer might not be such a bad idea. Halamish of course, Halamish, the public housing company thye are responsible for that sort of major construction.

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