Saturday, October 11

Only in Jaffa

Another walk around Jaffa, checking out Shahar's new camera.
Looking for things to test it on, in order to learn its limits and options. Looking for small things to take various test images, that's how we came to notice it: house nr. 7 1/2.
I know about 7 A, 7 B etc. about 7 entrance 2 apartment 5 but house seven and a half?
Half a house?
Could be, it's Jaffa after all.

The streets used to be numbered, although slowly they are being given names. In fact a few new names (finally Palestinian ones) have been decided upon.
The municipality finally started listening, or maybe it has something to do with the upcoming municipal elections. Throw a few municipal peanuts to make us feel good, it doesn't cost much after all. After some of the streets will be renamed there will be 16 streets in all of Tel Aviv Jaffa named after Palestinians (and Egyptian - Anwaer el Sadat).
I would love to live in Seven and a half Emile Habibi street (wherever that is going to be), or 19 1/3 Ibn Haldoun or some such.

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roche said...

I fall in love of Jafa, I really like it. When I was in IL I spend several sunrise there.