Wednesday, October 22

Jaffa Welfare Storage Rooms Torched

Last night the storage rooms of the municipal welfare department in Jaffa (Rubinstein Street) were torched.
So far no arrests have been made.
The Welfare department serving all of Ajami moved to alternative housing several months ago, after their previous (also temporary offices) above a petrol station, were found to contain dangerous chemicals.
The offices were moved to Rubinstein Street, to an old school building, where several employees share classrooms. As a result, clients have little or no privacy. And ofcourse the conditions aren't easy for the employees either.
But worse, it is almost impossible to reach these offices, as no direct buses pass by.
People have to take 2 buses in each direction, where before they could simply walk. Especially for the elderly and families with young children this is a major problem. After all, most welfare clients do not have cars. And public transport isn't cheap for people dependent on social security. It's also quite a hassle and time consuming.

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