Saturday, November 8

Always burning bright

Next to my home there are two garbage containers. About an hour after they have been emptied, they are full again. In Jaffa the houses do not have private containers like in the rest of the municipal area, but several houses share big and even bigger containers, called "frogs", as many years ago, when they were new, they were green.
Once the container is full, people start placing their garbage next to it, and the stray cats love it, as part of the smelly stuff comes from the fish store next door.

Then there is (or are) our local pyromaniac(s). Every single day someone sets fire to it. Then the fire brigade are called. Sometimes they come and sometimes they don't.
When they do, the street is left as a filthy, muddy river.
It's just a part of life, every single day.

In the past the "green forum" of the society for the protection of nature (which in Jaffa Tel Aviv deals with nature in an urban setting) has tried to deal with it. Suggesting several alternative ways of handling garbage, and "something is supposed to happen", "Some time soon". And of course i believe that, i always believe what i am being told by the municipalty. The only problem is that they tend to contradict themselves. Or perhaps forget what they said and promised a few days ago. So whaty should i believe?

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J.P. said...

What a waste of sources and energy, every month I deliver my old newspapers, leaflets a central point in this village of mine to be recycled.

Karin said...

Ask why the youth in Jaffa insist on creating fires. I interviewed the fire brigade in Jaffa once about it. It costs the city an obscene amount of money dealing with this issue.