Saturday, November 8

Jaffa home in danger - court tomorrow

Itidal and her two children live in a small house in what is known in Jaffa as "Pardes Dalek", a tiny neighbourhood of shacks, somewhere between "Gan Tamar" and Jerusalem Boulevard, in an area which once was an orange grove, hence its name (Dalek Grove in English).
Last week on Tuesday the demolisher saccompanied by the police came to carry out a municipal demolition order. At the last moment the demolition was prevented.
Lawyer Rasha Asaf of the "Popular Committee Against Home Demolitions" managed to prevent it, but the case will be back in the Municipal Court tomorrow.
So, those of you living in Jaffa, it may be necessary to come and defend the home, if the court will decide to leave Itidal and her children homeless. Keep in touch.
Itidal is poor and if her house will be destroyed, she'll be out on the streets as the welfare department have no solution for her and her children. There is no way she can afford to rent a home.

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Karin said...

Building or occupying homes illegally is no solution either...

yudit said...

What are you trying to say, Karin?
I'm always quite surprised when people "suggest" without actually knowing the details.

In large parts of Jaffa, until the late 80-ies it was IMPOSSIBLE to get a building permit, so people had no choice, but to build "illegally", the reason for this was that the municipality wanted to d a complete "pinuy - binuy" program (Mayor Lahat's brilliant idea) for large areas of Jaffa. Thus no "taba" building plan was made and therefore you couldn't get a building permit as there was no procedure for this....

In fact very often the same municipality demanded from people to repair their roof (as it had been declared dangerous) but at the same time they could not get a building permit for the new roof.
Or even received a destruction order for "illegal building" when the repaired the roof as requested, that is replaced the old asbest by new roof-tiles from a safe material. As happened to e.g. the Hatab Family in the "Ogen Area in Ajami.

Kafka couldn't invent something more devious.

This year the Tel Aviv "mahozi" (District) court decided to recognize this fact and that as a result the municipality cannot demand destruction orders.
Yet the municipality continues doing so.

As to occupying:
This family does not "occupy" . This term is often used as a technical term to describe 3rd generation key-money inhabitants. Right now the law only recognizes the second generation as legal tenants. As a result a child living with his parents is OK, but when that child continues living with his or her parents and has children of his or her own, these children, on the day of their birth become "illegal squatters" of the home in which they live with there parents who are legal inhabitants, as they are "2nd generation".

The term "squatters" is used by the municipality as a trick, There actually are very FEW "real" squatters in Jaffa.
The squatters of the "Night of the squat" (now some 12 years ago) have been officially recognised after an agreement was signed between the "AlRabita" and the ministry of housing (Fouad Ben Eliezer, the minister of housing at the time, signed the agreement)

This agreement was recognised as binding by the Tel Aviv district court some years ago by Judge Klinger.
So again, the so called squatters are legal tenants now.