Saturday, February 28

Homeless man found dead in Jaffa park - hypothermia

The body of an apparently homeless man was found in the "Groningen" park next to Jaffa's music center this afternoon. It appears the man, probably in his thirties, died from hypothermia.
The as yet unidentified body has been sent to the Abu Kabir criminal pathological lab for further investigation. It appears no direct violence had been involved.

But a society in which there is no space for its weaker members, is a violent society, violent to its weakest members. The right to a roof above your head is a basic human right, but not here. I'm upset.


Halla said...

unfortunately thats normal in the U.S.

yudit said...

It is becoming more normal here to and it angers me.
Some years ago homeless people were very very rare. There one one or two and everybody knew them. And i think they actually selected homelessness for whatever reason, as there used to be social housing for all.
Over the last twenty odd years they have started to sell off social housing and not built anything. As a result there are huge waiting lists of people and they have no where to go. Private rent has gone up so much whole families are cramping into 1 room flats.