Thursday, February 12 this what is it going to be like?

Quite obviously, even more right wing than before, the Israeli government to be.

There will be even less liberty, less democracy. And they probably will not care very much to even make it look like a democracy.

And a fair example is the arrest of Jaffa based activist Samih Jabareen. Originally from Um El Fahm, Samih is a clever, communicative and outspoken theatre student living in Jaffa.

He was arrested on election day in his home town after having demonstrated against the visit of ultra right wing politicians in his home town, which he felt was no more than a cheap trick to gain attention at the cost of the people from Um El Fahm.

He is still under arrest and will be kept imprisoned at least until this coming Monday when he will appear before a judge at the Hadera Court of Justice. Apparently they are accusing him of disturbing the peace and that kind of charges. Normally not something one is arrested for, at least not for more than 1 night.
The prosecution are demanding full arrest until the end of the procedures against him. There appears to be no sound legal reason for full arrest.
Yet home arrest was refused.
One wonders if this is a new stage in the rather quick erosion of what appeared to be a democratic society up to a degree. Is it against Samih personally or are they trying out just how far they can go in arresting those protesting, as "border check" as it were.

The main stream press are silent. And that is scary as well.

Is this the beginning of what awaits us all? So much for Israeli democracy.


Gene said...

This is "why they hate you".

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