Monday, May 4


A truly furious hot sand-particle carrying wind is blowing in from all directions. I live between the sea and a high-rise building, the latter one causing this very strange turbulence.
By now, inside my house, now much is covered by a thin layer of Sahara or Saudi desert dust. No use dusting until the storm is over. The weather forecast talkes about the khamsin cooling off in the late afternoon.
I suddenly have this image, like the pyramids before their excavation, all of Tel Aviv Jaffa covered by sand dunes, the dessicated Azrieli tower remains barely sticking out, the only remains of a failed & wartorn civilization long gone.
Archeologists trying to decipher the remains of a menu card of the restaurant that once was on the topfloor of that strange edicifce. Arougola 105? A deity? A punishment for insulting the babyleaves god? Or perhaps somethig not unlike the Tel El Amarna tax records where ancient clay tablet taxrecords show there once was a harbour town, Jaffa (Ya-Pu) , paying taxes to the Egyptian pharao.

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