Wednesday, May 27

Roots and Uprooting - the Case of Abou Seif

For three days the police have been uprooting trees in the Abu Seif orange grove in Jaffa. Supposedly in order to search for drugs. None have been found so far, but many trees have been uprooted in the process.
I find it rather hard to imagine how one can hide anything underneath a fully grown tree, unless it was done, when that tree was planted some 20 or more years ago. Which, in the case of hiding drugs, wouldn't make a whole lot of sense.
A whole lot of sense is not what characterizes the Jaffa police in particular, but even they.... So there must be another reason behind this blatant destruction of private property of the Abou
Seif clan in Jaffa and the search for drugs (none have been found after three days of destruction) is a mere pretext for something else.
Harassment as part of the show of "i am stronger"?
Or perhaps the trees bother the police from observing what's going on the inside the Abou Seif grove?

Olive tree uprooting tactiques from the occupied territories have been imported into Jaffa.

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Tamar Orvell said...

Disgusting. Essential to reporting these actions. Thanks.