Friday, September 16

Support Vicky Knafo in a very difficult time!

For once this is not news about or concerning Jaffa.

In july 2003 single unemployed mum Vicky Knafo walked all they way from her southern Negev home to Jerusalem, to protest poverty and the new economic measures taken by Israel's ultra rightwing government.
Starting out alone, 128 women joined Vicky on her way, expressing their views in a courageous and convincing way.

Pini (Natanel Pinian), Vicky's son, in his early twenties, committed suicide last night in a cell in the Dimona police station.

Vicky needs our support.

Given the strange comment by one of my readers i felt the need to add some information:

Vicky Knafo is a Jewish woman from Dimona, a development town in the Negev.

A single parent, who was sacked from her job and unable to survive on the meager social security money she received.

Dimona is far from everywhere and there is no employment.
Unable to provide for her family and desparate, she decided to put her plea to the government. As she had no money for the trip, she set out walking all the eay to Jerusalem, carrying, by the way, an Israeli flag.

Somehow the media caught on and other women started to join her, for some part of the way and others all the way to Jerusalem.
People donated food and water and drivers passing by offered to take backpacks for a few kilometers to make it easier.

Vicky became a symbol for many women. She gave support and hope to many women.
The sad end is that she found a job but became unemployed again, after her employer got into financial trouble.
Now she lost her son.

I think we should support Vicky right now.



callieischatty said...

of course we all know how evil Jews are and how wonderful arabs....

why did they loot the greenhouses? those weren't donated by Arabs by the way, but by Jews.

I bet you still blame us for that.

callieischatty said...

You say the greenhouses were sold for 'good money'? Was this money ever paid?

And what good are they now the Arabs have destroyed them?

Sorry to say, you are no better than the kapos.

You support those who are trying to kill Jews? What does that make you?

And do not say Shabbat Shalom to me.


Yaeli said...

What is the connection between these remarks and the request to support Vicky Knafo in a very difficult time?

Do you have no heart?