Thursday, September 8

A Taste of Jaffa, Halamish Style

So what if the ceiling comes crumbling down?
If the walls are covered with black fungi?
Roaches all over the place?
The windows don't close too well?
Who needs a kitchen cupboard anyway?
Can't you simply use a bucket instead?
The staircase light stopped functioning that many months ago? It's romantic in the dark after all.

"Don't worry, we will take care of it".

When the authorities inform me to simply trust them, it 's time to become assertive. Halamish is Jaffa's public housing company, in case you didn't know.

Jaffa's public housing, specifically the Kedem Housing Estate, probably belongs to the worst ever category.
True, some of the flats have a beautiful view over the Mediterranean Sea and during summer, although they lack airconditioning , they have a lovely breeze coming any most hours of the day, but that is all the good that may be said about the place.

Constructed making use of substandard materials, and bad design they could not but turn into slums. The flats are badly overcrowded. Their upkeep is so below standard, it's difficult to describe. I would like policy makers and planners to live in these flats for 1 month. Ofcourse on social security. One month only, so they can have a "hands on" experience.

But, wonder o wonder, this week the Tel Aviv Municipality holds the "A Taste of Jaffa Festival", inviting the colonial forces to a culinary cultural trip of Jaffa.
Mostly, ofcourse, to Jaffa's "Old City", the fleamarket and the rest of safe bourgeois, gentrified north Jaffa, where "original, authentic" food can be sampled after a tour of the streets and artists' workshops.
Sure, Jaffa's business women and men need an influx of guests, and i'm happy form them if they can make a little money.
There is even going to be a tour of Adjami, to its "hidden corners". somehow i think the Kedem estate will not be part, i guess it is simply too well hidden from the public eye. I wouldn't be surprised if the municipality forgot about its existence. Except for the municipalwater department. They are very efficient in cuttng of families form the water supply.

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