Saturday, June 17

And the shooting continues...this time in Ben Adaya Street

Several years ago i worked as a news photographer in Jerusalem. One day my beeper went off early in the morning, to send me to the spot where a terrorist attack had taken place on a bus. Bus line 18, in Jaffa Street to be precise. The next week, more or less at the same time, i got the same message, again a terrorist attack, again on a bus, again in Jaffa Street, again bus line 18 and, yes, again several people had been killed and maimed, for life. Again the same sights, the same acrid smell and sounds and the same demonstrations by ultra right wingers.
The eerie feeling of "deja vue", as if i had already been there.

So, for the two to three steady readers of my blog, this long introduction on "deja vue" before coming to the point:
As usual, friday night, my rooftop balcony, a light, cool breeze coming in from the sea, a glass of red wine, John Coltrane in the background, what can be more pleasant? Some fireworks from nearby wedding parties, it's the wedding season after all, i get invitations almost every day.
Suddenly the sound of gunshots followed by shouts.

Deja vue of last friday. This time it was from a slightly different direction, more to the north, in Ben Adaya Street as i later learned. Thankfully the victim, a 23 year old guy, was only slightly wounded. He came, apparently by himself, to nearby Wolfson Hospital.
In Jaffa people don't trust the ambulance services. It takes them ages to arrive. Some people in my neighborhood believe the ambulance crews are too scared to enter, or arrive late on purpose. I don't share this belief, but the ambulance's station is far off, and traffic jams in Tel Aviv are very common. Wolfson Hospital is close by, so it IS faster to come to the hospital privately.

By now, Wolfson have a lot of expertise in treating gunshot wounds.
The police have also become very experienced at documenting the spent cartridges and bullet holes.
See nothing, hear nothing, say nothing, as usual.

The grafiti underneath the gun on the image reads "Ajami" in Hebrew. It was taken today in Ben Adaya Street, where yesterday's shooting incident took place.

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