Thursday, June 29

Bauhaus in Jaffa, Black Beauty Exposed?

"Bauhaus in Jaffa - Modern Architecture in the Beauty of the Sea" is the name of an exhibition which will be opened today in the Tel Aviv Bauhaus Center (99 Dizengoff Street, Tel Aviv).
The exhibition aims to expose the "white city hidden behind the black city" (See Sharon Rotbard's excellent book " White City, Black City", עיר לבנה, עיר שחורה published by Bavel, 2005) .

The exhibition, curated by architect Shmuel Yavin, relates to 5 different areas in Jaffa:
  • Yehuda HaYamit street (King Feisal Street prior to 1948)
  • The "garden city" alongside Yefet street
  • The area close to the Gesher Theatre
  • The "French Hospital" (Yefet Street, close to the road leading to the harbor, once the Mental Health Clinic serving Jaffa)
  • Abdul Rahim's house in Mendes France / Toulouse street, today the official residence of the French ambassador.
A catalogue has been published as well, containing articles by Palestinian and Jewish authors.

I'll let you know more after my visit.

In the meantime, for more info, see an article in today's "Ha'aretz"

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