Wednesday, June 21


Abba Nisim isn't that young any more. His children and grandchildren live in the USA, as can be seen from the photographs stuck on the wall next to the check-out counter of his watermelon stand.
When saying watermelon stand, don't imagine a simple wooden table and an umbrella at the side of the road.
Abba Nisim's is located close to the very southern end of the Jaffa part of Jerusalem boulevard and "Davidov Park".
You cannot possibly miss it when passing by, but believe me, it's worth a special trip:
The walls of the stand owned by Abba Nisim are red and gold, the lamp a chandelier, complete with cristal tear drops.
Flowers (white yellow orchids, no more no less) and cristals also adorn each of the watermelons, perfectly arranged in a huge pyramid at the entrance. Colored lamps light up the stand during the evening hours.
At the back of the stall there is place to sit down and eat your melon on the spot. The walls here are covered by red and gold as well. Overlooking the scene is a portrait of Abba Nisim's father (of blessed memory) in a large blue fluorescent star of David.

And the watermelon? Sweeter than sweet. Red & juicy.
Nothing better when it's a hot June day in Jaffa.

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