Saturday, September 9

And the earth trembled

Sitting on my rooftop with the first espresso of the morning (the most important one of my day), reading "Ha'Ir" on the intrinsic evilness of Tel Aviv houseowners, a topic i identify with , as i had to move suddenly, a few months ago , after my previous flat had been sold before my rental contract ran out and the new owner (EVIL owner) came to threaten me that if i would not be out by the end of the month, he would throw me and my stuff over the balcony. As the guy is gorillasized, i immediately started looking for another flat. Anyway, so i was sitting on my rooftop balcony (with a view of one of my favorite blog-topics, Jaffa's rubbish mountain, and beyond that, the, Mediterranean i suddenly felt something moving, moving weirdly, completely and i am not talking about an emotional experience, the earth moved beneath my feet, so to say, or, in a more clear language, an earthquake.

Now ofcourse, my three steady readers, know that i will always connect anything to what's happening in Jaffa in the wider sense, so , in order not to disappoint you, dear 3 readers, here i go again:
The earthquake committee which investigated the preparedness of Israel (physical and human infrastructure) came to the conclusion that "We are NOT prepared" and especially older buildings (and in Jaffa in general and in Al Ajami in particular) are not safe enough and "something should be done about it by someone". So a few months ago the municipal tax and water bill came with an attached brochure on "what to do when there is an earthquake", I guess that means that "something has been actually done by someone". We have been warned, but when it happened i didn't even think of jumping underneath the table, as, according to the booklet i should have done. It was just weird.

Afterwards i read on ynet, the earthquake was 4.4. on the Richterscale and its epicentre in in Jordan Valley, a little north of the Dead Sea, on the SyroAfrican Rift.


a sane voice in a mad world said...

hi yuyu

I guess you can add a 4th reader to the three faithful ones. :)

It's a shame, the way the world is being rubbished.

Yudit Ilany said...

Welcome to my fourth reader!

As to the rubbish, yes it is, and even worse, it tends to get rubbished in poorer areas (Jaffa, al ajami) more than in other areas.
Physical injustice and rubbish appear to be a steady going couple indeed