Friday, September 29

Gallery Talk at the Lighthouse Gallery in Jaffa

Once upon a time Jaffa was the cultural center of Palestine. There were book publishing houses, literary clubs, cinemas and theatres, but all that came to an end in 1948 (or to be exact, much of it had been gone already by 1947).
Jaffa became a slum, and the only galleries existing in the so-called "artists quarter" (Jaffa's old city, not even one Palestinian family or artist live there, are really tourist traps, with kitschy souvenirs passing for "art").

Over the last few years alternative and not so alternative theatres and galleries have started to open their doors in Jaffa and something is happening. Although Jaffa's former proud Palestinian cultural past is not related to in many of those galleries and art spaces, the very existence of the new spaces is a happy event. So:

Gallery talk at the Lighthouse Gallery in Jaffa (13 HaMigdalor Street)

in relation to the curent exhibition by Osnat Balkind.

Saturday the September the 30th at 12 o'clock

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