Saturday, September 30

"Ringo & Taher", a Jaffa movie

Joni Arbid's movie "Ringo & Taher" was screened last thursday at Jaffa's "Al Seraya" theatre. The movie, entirely shot in Jaffa, tells the story of a little boy, Taher, who finds a puppy he names Ringo.

Taher tries to raise Ringo against all chances and especially against his father's wishes.

Taher lives a life like many little boys in Jaffa; his family is poor and they have a hard time getting by, putting food on the table. His brother gets pulled into a life of crime, as there appear to be little other options.

Some of the actors are professionals, others are my neighbors, playing more or less themselves, the acting is good.
The soundtrack, composed by Ala Abu Amara, is special and impressive.
The editing is so good, it saves the movie from its weaker point: its photography, which is problematic.

Definitely worth a view.

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