Tuesday, November 7

Doing well by doing bad

Yes, we can be proud, Haiti, Myanmar and Iraq are doing worse.

So are Uzbekistan, Zimbabwe and Belarus. But in the western world, we are true champions of corruption.
Today, the watchdog "Transparency International" published its annual report on perceived corruption. Those on the defence may of course state "that in reality all is well" and it is only those horrible people from the media and the prosecution "who make us believe that we are so corrupt", so perhaps we should be proud instead. We are not as bad as above mentioned countries. It truly could be worse. But somehow it doesn't pacify me. Corruption has become so "normal" we've started to accept it as a "norm".

To quote the site of "Transparence International":
The 2006 Corruption Perceptions Index is a composite index that draws on multiple expert opinion surveys that poll perceptions of public sector corruption in 163 countries around the world, the greatest scope of any CPI to date. It scores countries on a scale from zero to ten, with zero indicating high levels of perceived corruption and ten indicating low levels of perceived corruption.

The weak performance of many countries indicates that the facilitators of corruption continue to assist political elites to launder, store and otherwise profit from unjustly acquired wealth, which often includes looted state assets. The presence of willing intermediaries – who are often trained in or who operate from leading economies -- encourages corruption; it means the corrupt know there will be a banker, accountant, lawyer or other specialist ready to help them generate, move or store their illicit income.

Olmert, Katzav (OK OK, he hasn't yet been indicted, i know) , Omri Sharon, Tzahi HaNegbi and so many others, some as yet "only under investigation", others already indicted or found guilty, but the atmosphere of corruption is there.
WE don't believe "in the system".
In fact the system makes a lot of decisions that are very profitable for itself and its wealthy friends.
How to turn that around?

Hell knows. And i guess hell is not really interested.

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