Sunday, November 5


Finally, an atm in Yefet street.
It seems absolutely ridiculous, to be happy about an ATM, but since 2000 we, the Al Ajami residents, have been forced to walk or drive all the way to Jerusalem Boulevard (Nouzha, for the old-timers), as there wasn't even one bank, nor an ATM in all of the neighborhood.
Uneccesary to explain how difficult that can be sometimes, not to have a practical service which elsewhere is normal, and no one thinks about it. The elderly, women with small children, expecially when they do not have cars (and many Al Ajami residents are poor and do not have cars).
So, thanks to Bank Masad for opening its Jaffa branch on Yefet street with a real, honest, fully operational banking machine, the First Yefet ATM.
Blessed be whoever needs to be blessed for this miracle.


ee said...

Mazal Tov, shehecheyanu!

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