Sunday, November 5

Summer's gone, it's wet & cold

The cold and the rain, the strong winds now and then are, at least when i'm inside, fun to listen to. The trees in the street next to my house carry out a strange and beautiful wind choreograped dance.
The rains are a blessing, we need water, after all.
Yet for some they are a curse.
Zohara's leaking ceiling leaves her room humid, black spots of fungus adorn her walls, the white plaster forms bubbles, which later rain down on her spotless floors.
Zohara's house belongs to a housing company, but she has to wait for repairs which should have been carried out years ago. For reasons unknown to her, they are postponed again and again.
It's freezing in her house, so she tried to stay in bed most of the day, or covered by a thick winter blanket on the couch.
The winter blanket was a present from a welfare association. She's happy with it.

A neighbor brings her some hot soup, another neighbor sends her daughter with a piece of freshly baked cake. Zohara is not alone, poor as she is, she always has a smile for all. Now that she is not well, following the radiation therapy she has to undergo, her neighbors care her.
It's cold, it's winter. Just her roof needs repair.

Poverty, Jaffa 2006

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Richard said...

Why don't you call a local TV station or reporter & invite them to meet Zohara. Then tell the company that owns her home that she's such a nice, friendly person that the media decided that they'd like to visit her to get to know her & tell her story to the world.

I'm sure the company would want to put its best foot forward & display a sparkling repaired home for the TV & still cameras.

And if they didn't...then let the cameras show the conditions in which she does live. That'll teach 'em to be indifferent to their customers.

Just a thought...