Saturday, June 2

Fleamarket Fire

Heavy black smoke was the first sign. The wind was coming from the north west, so the smell became obvious only when coming closer.
Then i saw the flames, high, scary.

An old building form the Ottoman period burnt down in Jaffa's flea-market area this afternoon.
On the roof of the ancient building next to the long defunct Siksik Mosque someone had constructed a storage room for who knows what, flea market stuff. But until the fire was detected, it had spread to the other floors as well.
The fire brigade had a difficult job, as the location was hard to reach, between other buildings.

Several fire trucks and a long row of ambulances stood ready.
Police kept the public at bay.
A guy in a light blue t-shirt, who claimed to be the owner, was questioned by the police. He talked about an electricity failure, whereas others mentioned possible arson. Who knows.


Lirun said...

the street was blocked for traffic and there were several police cars parked along the side.. the whole area stank..

the friendly officer directing the traffic told me the fire was very serious and a criminal investigation was underway.. then again he said police always had to clear fires for suspicions of arson..

yudit said...

Lirun!!! Welcome back :)