Friday, June 29

Mr. ehhh, president?

They shut a deal, the state attorney and Katzav's lawyers. They must be pleased with themselves. The now ex-president will not spend time in jail and he'll pay some damage money to his 4 victims.

He's, it's official now, not a rapist. How wonderful. What a feeling of release. The state's honour has been truly saved. Hallelujah. Praise the Law!
OK, so he's "only" guilty of indecent conduct, sexual harassment of his employees and a few other nasty deeds.
Katzav happened to be the president of Israel and like Haim Ramon (minister of (in)Justice) and Itzik Mordehay (IDF general and politician) he abused his power to force sexual acts upon women who worked for him. It was easy, as he was a powerful politician and "they" were just secretaries.

THEY were women. They were victimised, their feelings disregarded, their bodies turned into objects. They, human beings with thoughts, feelings, sentiments, wishes, hopes, dreams, professions, fantasies and yes, their bodies, in short, multi faceted, female human beings, were objectified, turned into will-less "things" in order to serve the sexual needs of a powerful creep, their boss. The president.

It takes a lot of courage to file a complaint against a powerful man, who has used every tool in his hands to paint those women in an ugly light, to portray them in a horrific way and shame them.

Meny Mazouz's decision not to prosecute for rape (the police state they have ample and sound proof) but instead close a cheap plea bargain for a number minor crimes against some of the victims, shows it completely clearly: Women who have been victimised, should NOT expect Israel's legal system to support them.
Nor should they expect the politicians to support them (after all, Haim Ramon is offered a cosy minister's job). Women have learned one lesson: shut your mouth, don't complain. It's you who will pay the price, not the perpetrator.

Do something about it? Let them hear our voice, tomorrow, saturday evening at 19.30, Rabin Square in Tel Aviv.

Katzav should be tried. For rape and sexual molestation of 4 women. Nothing less.


Whisper said...

A picture tells more than a thousand words.

yudit said...

if you live in this part of the world, i hope you'll be coming to the demonstration this evening

Whisper said...

"Pappa was ist das: Ehrlichkeit?"
"Ich will es dir erklähren: Wenn du zwanzig Cents findest, dann lohnt es nicht, sie aufs Kommissariat zu tragen, die kannst du behalten.
Wenn du tausend Francs findest, dann trag sie aufs Kommissariat.
Man wird dich dann für ehrlich halten, und der Ruf der Ehrlichkeit-das ist ein Kapital.
Wenn du aber ein ganzes Kapital auf der Strasze findest, dann brauchst du keinen Ruf und Ehrlichkeit mehr.

Sorry Yudit ................away.

Iloveyafo said...

Everytime I read about President Katsav I think of Beni Sela!
The two come to my mind at the same time! I cannot understand why...

ee said...

I was so proud that so many people cared enough to be at the demonstration. It was really crowded and hot but well worth it.
I'm often skeptical about how much these protests help, but at least now the state has asked for another 48 hours to answer the five appeals to the Supreme court.
Now it's a matter of wait and see, I guess.