Monday, June 18

No exit?

Several people are stuck in "Erez" Crossing, trying to get out of the Gaza Strip.
They are stuck, unable to go back into the Gaza strip, where they feel their lives are in danger and unable to cross through Israel into the West Bank.
There are no facilities at the checkpoint. But that's something one can, perhaps , live with for a while.
However, what is scary, is the shooting today into the checkpoint area.
Israel claims a grenade was thrown by Hamas, who also shot into the crossing. Israeli soldiers shot back. The Hamas spokesman claims the opposite, more or less.
It doesn't really matter, one person was killed and there appear to be some 10 wounded. That's the point. People, children among them, are being killed.
If these people will not be let quickly into the West Bank, there may well come about a blood bath, another Sabara & Shatila.
What are we waiting for? For yet more wounded and killed?

This is a catastrophe waiting to happen.
A preventable horror

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