Friday, March 28

"I Am Rachel Corrie" at the Arab Hebrew Theatre

The play "I am Rachel Corrie", based on Rachel's diary and letters she sent home and to friends during the period she was in the Gaza strip until she was killed there, was performed by the "Al Midan Theatre" at the Arab Hebrew Theatre in Jaffa tonight.
Rachel, an American citizen, was a peace activist serving as a human shield in order to save people's lives in the Gaza strip during the second intifade.
Rachel's parents were present at the première which took place in the framework of the Women's Festival opened today at the theatre.

In addition, "the Wild West" and "Death Song" will be presented in the framework of the festival.

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Lirun said...

i understand that rachel was jewish.. something that both israeli and non israeli prefer to overlook for various reasons..

yudit said...

i doubt it, due to some of the things her parents (who were present at the premiere) said, but i don't really know.
Nor does it matter very much.
She was an incredibly courageous young women, peacefully striving to realize her goals. She was murdered while doing so.
Why would it matter whether she was or wasn't Jewish?

Lirun said...

well i think it does..

(a) it shows that she wasnt just shot because she wasnt jewish.. and all too often the accusation is that we distinguish between hides..

(b) it shows that jews do care - some to the extent of self sacrifice - about whats going on with palestinians.. while other lazy bums like me just write about it and attend peace events and donate..

(c) it highlights the divide in our nation and the scale of opinions and dispells the notion that we are all brainwashed..

i personally find it an issue i cant resolve in my mind.. imagine how our defence would look if any one who didnt like what it did could just stand in the way with impunity and we would have to negotiate every move.. our enemies would be laughing all the way to the printers releasing the freshest edition of the jewish naqba..

i wonder how muc hmore she oculd have achieved if she lived to promote her ideals rather than succumbing to the hubris of asserting them on our defence forces..