Saturday, March 1

Reuven Abergil released after shabak interrogation

Ron Hulday, the Jaffa - Tel Aviv mayor, is getting worried. In November this year the municipal elections will take place. Hulday serves his wealthy cronies well, yet in the south of the city more and more people are loosing their patience.
After many years of being oppressed and discriminated against, they have had enough. The demolition of several houses in Kfar Shalem some weeks ago and the 495 eviction orders and demolitions in Jaffa are simply too much.

This wednesday Reuven Abergil was questionned by Israel's internal security forces (shabak). After having been questioned and his fingerprint taken, they released him. So much for the freedom of speech. Criticizing Hulday has become a dangerous activity.

Abergil, an educator and life long social activist who was among the founders of the Black Panter movement in Israel, spoke during a demonstration against the evictions and demolitions. Reuven Abergil wants to prevent violence. "It is the municipality who are violent", he said. "And this violence may eventually lead to violent reactions. Children who see their home destroyed, and their parents forcefully evicted, may well become traumatized and this trauma, in combination with prolonged discrimination, may eventually lead to them reacting in a violent way". Abergil's words were taken out of context by a Tel Aviv weekly and Hulday felt threatened and complained Reuven Abergil had threatened him, no less!

The eviction and home demolitions of the homes of tens of families from Kfar Shalem are acts of extreme violence against people who have been forced to give up their strength.
It's the shabak who are using techniques of intimidation to put a stop to certain social activities, thereby limiting free speech .
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