Thursday, October 1

Picket line today at 16.00 on Clocktower Square in Jaffa

Today a general strike in Palestinian towns, villages and the shared cities has been announced in order to commemorate the murder of the 13 Palestinian citizens of Israel by the Israeli police during the first week of October 2000: 

  • Ahmed Jabarin 
  • Mohammed Jabarin
  • Rami Gharra 
  • Eyad Lawabny
  • Misleh Abu-Jared 
  • Ala’a Nasser
  • Aseel Asleh 
  • Emad Ghanayem
  • Waleed Abu Saleh 
  • Ramez Bushnaq
  • Mohammed Khalib Khamayseh
  • Omar Akawi  
  • Wisam Yizbek
We will join together in a silent picket line at 16.00 o'clock at Jaffa's Clock tower Square. 

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